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Why You Should Support Your Franchisee Association

Why should your independent franchisee association support the AAFD?

  • To change the climate of franchising to be fairer and more profitable to franchise owners.
  • To promote the AAFD Fair Franchising Standards to provide direction to investors.
  • To identify best practices in franchising and to drive the franchising market to exemplary franchisors.
  • To develop negotiating leverage by building strong independent franchisee associations.
  • To address abuses in the courts and legislatures that cannot be handled through win-win negotiation.
  • To build your buying power through group purchasing.
  • To bring value to your members through group purchasing and the AAFD’s body of knowledge.

What has the AAFD accomplished to justify support?

  • The AAFD has corrected the public’s perception of franchising, making it harder for franchisors to sell inequitable programs. Franchise sales have plummeted over the past three years, because the risks of owning a franchised business have become understood.
  • The AAFD’s Fair Franchising Standards have been admired throughout the franchising community. While others are still talking about passing new laws (which may or may not ultimately benefit franchisees), our Standards are being used by courts, consultants, negotiators, legislators and investors
    to measure the quality of a franchise agreement.
  • The AAFD has provided the impetus and vehicle for your fellow franchisees to develop a strong independent franchisee association. The AAFD supports your Association’s efforts to build a strong organization. It takes internal leadership, vision and a wide base of support. Until more than 50% of the franchisees in your system join the effort, your leaders may lack sufficient support to make a real difference. The AAFD can back up your leadership, so you can recruit more members, and good things
  • After more than two years of hard work and planning, the AAFD Purchasing Group is a reality. We already offer scores of valuable programs and product lines. These benefits are available to your members and can enhance your value with your members.
  • Your affiliation with AAFD can save you money on your association’s day-to-day business operations, by utilizing such programs as AAFD Meeting Call, AAFD Fax Broadcasting Service, and AAFD Professional Management Services. You can also gather articles and information for your association’s newsletter provided by AAFD to its member groups.

It’s simple, all franchisee associations should be AAFD members!

  • The AAFD is Your Center for Total Quality Franchising. This is a concept that extends far beyond improving your relationship with your franchisor, or fixing your contract. The AAFD is dedicated to making your business work better; to help you increase your profits and your quality of life. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Measure progress by seeing how far we have come, not by how long the remaining journey. We will only complete the journey with your continued and renewed support.

Help us achieve our mission!