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AAFD Franchise Self Evaluation Tool


INCLUDED with your AAFD Memberships!

The AAFD offers its new Franchise Self Evaluation Tool as a new benefit to all  AAFD Membership – Join or Renew your Associate membership today for just $79 to receive this invaluable tool as well as the other many benefits of AAFD Membership.

  • FREE to use as often as you want
  • Save notes to review and use over the course of your Franchise Research
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of new or existing franchisor opportunities
  • Use the same metrics as our AAFD Franchise Opportunity Review service
  • Use our evaluation criteria, based on the AAFD’s principles of Total Quality Franchising

Just keep in mind that this tool is not a substitution for professional legal consultation. All AAFD Members are entitled to a FREE consultation from any one of the experienced and knowledgeable franchise attorneys in our Franchisee LegaLineSM network.

The AAFD Franchise Self Evaluation Tool is also now bundled with the AAFD’s InfoPak of selected resources for prospective franchisees.