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The AAFD Announces Five New Franchisee Chapters

The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) announced today the formation of several new franchise associations as chapters of the AAFD. Each chapter will leverage the combined voices of all its members to establish an environment of collaboration between franchisees and franchisors. The five new chapters represent franchisees from: ARCpoint Labs, Coastal Angler and The Angler Magazines, SERVPRO®, Wireless Zone®, and Zippy Shell®.
Each new chapter has formed a steering committee and is actively defining its goals and recruiting members. Once each chapter reaches its recruitment goal, it will become an “active” chapter within the AAFD.

The AAFD Welcomes Jerry Winkley as Executive Director to Support ServiceMaster Franchisee Chapter

AAFD Announces New Chapters for Six Franchise Brands

California Bar Proposes Regulatory Amendments Regarding Negotiated Franchise Agreements.

AAFD Co-Sponsors Proposed California Fair Franchising Legislation.

AAFD Endorses Fair Franchising Legislation Introduced In California