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Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman LLC

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Charles M. Baum

  No results. [spacer size="20"][/spacer] Charles M. Baum’s Notable Cases: [spacer size="20"][/spacer] Franchise Litigation: Defense of a matter for a restaurant franchisee involving trademark infringement, breach of contract and a non-competition clause.  The client’s motion for summary judgment was granted as to breach of contract, while the opposition’s motion for summary judgment was denied on the count of seeking to enforce non-competition clause and to shut down client’s operations. Reported at Jake Flowers, Inc. v. Kaiser, 2002 WL 31906688 (N.D. Ill. 2002). Defense of a matter for truck rental franchisee involving alleged trademark infringement, breach of contract, and violations of non-competition clause.  Mr. Baum successfully prevented the issuance of a temporary restraining order seeking to shut down client’s operations. Prosecution of a matter for national retail franchisor involving trademark infringement, breach of contract and non-competition clause. Chuck negotiated the resolution of matter during the hearing on motion for a temporary restraining order, which set restrictions on the opposition’s operations. Matter involving alleged infringement of intellectual property, including alleged counterfeiting of parts and the conversion of royalties. Business and Commercial Litigation: Commercial matter for breach of a multi-million dollar management contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, and piercing the corporate veil based on commingling and under-capitalization of assets. Mr. Baum negotiated favorable settlement after significant nationwide discovery. Defense of a multi-million dollar commercial matter involving client’s alleged breach of a contract under which the client built purportedly defective motors. The case also involved the prosecution of counterclaims against the plaintiff for breach and a third-party contribution claim against one of client’s suppliers for supplying defective parts, which were the root cause of the motor failures. Mr. Baum negotiated favorable settlement after significant nationwide discovery. Successful defense of client in an action by a losing bidder, which sought to set aside, the successful construction bid for a public project based on unfounded allegations of bid rigging. The ruling allowed the client’s project to immediately proceed. Post-Judgment Collection Litigation:  Matters locating and collecting monies for clients on outstanding judgments. Matters seeking to set aside fraudulent transactions and seeking to pierce fraudulent entities. Matters defending judgment collection for debtor entities. Construction Litigation:  Various matters involving contracts and workmanship on...