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Calling California Franchisees: Fair Franchising Legislation SB-610 Capitol Visits, Tuesday August 5

From Keith Miller, Chairman of the Coalition of Franchise Associations (CFA) And endorsed by AAFD Chairman, Robert Purvin Dear California Franchisee or Franchisee Leader, As I told you a few days ago, we are planning visits at the Capitol to support Senate Bill 610 on Tuesday, August 5th. We will meet by 9:00AM at the offices of Pane and Pane. The address is: 1123 J Street 3rd Floor Sacramento, CA 95814 We will go over a briefing on the bill and talking points before sending the group over to the Capitol on meetings. We will then plan on meeting back at the offices at 4:00PM to discuss the progress made. This day is critical to the success of passing this franchisee protection bill. The IFA is going all out to defeat this bill. I have attached an advertisement they have run in many districts, claiming this bill will put 28,050 jobs at risk. Yet, the IFA always reminds lawmakers that the employees in the stores are the employees of franchisees. I wonder how they figure if we get legislation to protect our interests that we will then cut jobs? It doesn't make sense. Then today, the IFA sent out this message: "California Senate Bill 610: Take a closer look, time is running out Franchise businesses in California, including franchisees across the state and franchisors who invest there, are facing a grave threat in the form of Senate Bill 610. The legislation would open the door to unionization of the franchises, harm brand standards, erode franchisee equity and enable franchise contracts to exist in perpetuity. If passed, SB 610 will negatively impact jobs, franchise businesses will close and existing contracts will become embroiled in costly litigation. This legislation must be stopped! We need your support to take action now!" Once again, the IFA has fallen back on scare tactics and lies. They state the bill will "enable franchise contracts to exist in perpetuity". Yet, the bill was amended and the renewal language removed. This is a lie, and they know it! Then they state the bill will "open the door to unionization of the franchisees". Where in the bill is this covered. Again, a lie and...

CA SB-610 – Don’t Let the IFA Lie to Your Legislators

[spacer] Dear California Franchisees, The fight to pass Senate Bill 610 is on.  The International Franchise Association has come out in full force against this bill, and is spreading false statements and using scare tactics to try to defeat the bill.  Don't let them lie to your legislators!  It's your job to understand the bill, and contact your Assembly member with the truth. For example, last week the IFA sent the following out to its membership: "Last Tuesday, the California Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee passed Senate Bill 610, the Small Business Investment & Protection Act, legislation that places the basic tenets of the franchise business model at risk. It contains harmful provisions and would subject franchise small-business owners to unreasonable new regulations. The bill passed the committee as amended by a 10-2 vote and now moves on to the full California Assembly. The Service Employees International Union and other labor groups promulgated this bill. The bill can be voted on as early as tomorrow. In its newly amended, current form, this bad bill has become worse." Let's look at what they are saying.  They ended with saying the current form of the bill has become worse.  Yet the IFA argued over the past year with the Chairwoman of the committee that the original language of the bill was too broad.  The Chair demanded that the bill be more specific, and those amendments were made.  Then finally, the Chair asked that the renewal section be removed, which it was.  After all the lobbying by the IFA and the changes required by the Chair, the IFA now says the bill is worse.  How can that be true from their position? The IFA says that the bill will subject franchise small-business owners to unreasonable new regulations, but do they tell you what they are?  As a franchisee, I can't see any new regulations that I will be required to follow in the bill. And finally, they start with saying this bill places the basic tenets of the franchise business model at risk.  This is a talking point they use over and over with everything they oppose.  Yet, they do nothing to explain what in the bill...