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FranPINIONS: Batteries Plus, Franchisor Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Prospective franchisee warning. Learn how franchisors act, not just what they say. My warning today is on Batteries Plus, LLC and their actions towards their franchisees as this pandemic continues.

New Website Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce the roll out of Phase 1 of the AAFD’s new and improved website, scheduled to go live by the end of September 2020.   

Is the FTC Listening to Franchisees? At Least One Commissioner Is

Over the years, many franchisees, franchisee advocates, and franchisee lawyers have wondered if the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is really doing anything to regulate franchising. While the International Franchise Association states there are 733,000 franchised outlets in the United States, the FTC assigns less than one person to the task of overseeing franchising.

AAFD Franchisee Leadership Council Moving Forward

The AAFD Franchisee Leadership Council (FLC), also known as the AAFD House of Delegates, is the AAFD’s legislative body charged with setting the political and action agenda of the Association. On July 31, 2020, the AAFD conducted its quarterly Franchisee Leadership Council meeting, led by our newly elected Co-Chairs, Stephen Rymal of Griswold Home Care and Richard Stroiney of BNI.   

AAFD Announces FLC Co-Chairs

It is with pleasure that we announce the new co-chairs of the Franchisee Leadership Council, Stephen Rymal and Richard Stroiney. Stephen Rymal has been a Franchisee of Griswold Home Care (GHC) since 1997.

Maximize Loan Forgiveness

Paychex, the AAFD’s endorsed Supporting Member for HR support and payroll processing, has just announced a great new PPP Loan Forgiveness Estimator for its clients.