ANNOUNCING… Drum Roll, Please! AAFD Lifestyle Health Plans

By Published On: January 29th, 2019

After years of searching for a quality health insurance benefit for AAFD members, we are excited to announce AAFD Lifestyle Health Plans from Medova Healthcare. The AAFD’s newly endorsed health insurance plans offer full-featured, affordable health insurance options with special savings exclusively for AAFD members and affiliated chapters!

Stated simply, this new program is a game-changer for our members and our chapters. After exploring many different health insurance options over the years, none of which we felt met the needs of our members, we have finally found, what we believe to be, the solution that many of you have been asking for: A health plan that is both comprehensive and affordable! We can finally endorse a program so valuable that AAFD membership will be a ‘no brainer’ for almost any franchised business looking for affordable health insurance options.

Introducing Lifestyle Health Plans and HealthyEssentials

Our health plan options include two different, but equally valuable components. Lifestyle Health Plans* are a suite of 16 different small group major medical plans available to AAFD-affiliated groups with as few as two full-time employees or 1099 contractors**. HealthyEssentials* is a collection of five different guarantee-issue MinimumEssential Coverage plans available to AAFD-affiliated groups with as few as five full-time or part-time employees or 1099 contractors. Additionally, premiums can be as much as 40% lower than comparable plans! In fact, though still a small sample size, our members are reporting savings ranging from 5-50%+with an average premium cost reduction of 25%, when compared to existing coverage costs.

How can that be, you ask? Well, it is partly because we negotiated a special 5% discount exclusively for AAFD members. But it is mostly because these plans are built on a level-funded platform. Level-funded health programs resemble hybrids of traditional small group health plans and self-funded benefits programs and give you the best aspects of both.

Why You Should Make the Switch

As if saving money on your healthcare plan wasn’t reason enough, here are some additional reasons to consider switching to a Lifestyle Health or HealthyEssentials plan:

  • PEACE OF MIND–With a traditional group policy, employers and employees know that the monthly premium will not change throughout the year. It’s the same with level-funded plans! In fact, in addition to level monthly premiums, there is no liability at year-end or at plan
  • ANNUAL REFUND – Typically, one third of a level-funded premium is paid into a claims fund. Businesses get refunded any unused amount at the end of the year. Traditional plans keep all unused claims set-asides
  • RISK ASSESSMENT – Traditional group policies unfairly use a broad community group to assess risk, while level-funded programs evaluate only a company’s employee risk pool. The results are often lower risks and lower cost
  • UTILIZATION REPORTS – Level-funded customers receive annual reports about plan utilization that identify areas of misuse or abuse. This gives businesses the opportunity to educate employees and further reduce
  • SWITCH AT ANY TIME – Level-funded programs meet federal regulatory requirements and easily replace traditional
  • REVENUE FORY OUR CHAPTER! – And, oh yes! To encourage AAFD chapter support of these exciting new plans, we are passing on to each chapter a fixed-dollar marketing incentive for every enrolled member, creating an additional ongoing revenue stream that you can use to benefit your franchisees. Save money and help fund your chapter (and keep dues low), in addition to saving serious money on your health insurance needs.

Basic Lifestyle Health Plan Eligibility Requirements:

What does it take to get on a Lifestyle Health or HealthyEssentials plan? Here’s what you need:

  • At least two full-time employees (husband/wife qualify if each is an employee) OR
  • At least five full-time employees, if offering to 1099contractors
  • Ability to contribute at least 25% of the single-tier employeepremium
  • A relatively healthy group (all applications are subject to underwriting)

Requesting a proposal is easy and there is no obligation!

All you have to do is:

  1. Complete an employee application/health questionnaire
  2. Send your current Summary Plan Description (if available)
  3. Send your current health insurance invoice or rates (if available)

We will prepare a firm proposal for all plans plus a side-by-side rate/benefit comparison of the Lifestyle Plan closest to yours.

Find out what you can save. Send your quote requests or requests for information to:

Steven Chapkin

(561) 912-9602  – (954) 646-4354


*Lifestyle and HealthyEssentials Health Plans are currently not available in the following states: MA, ME, ND, NH, RI, and VT (However, if your business is in a state where plans are sold, employees residing in the above-named states will be covered)

** 1099 contractors are eligible to enroll in Lifestyle and HealthyEssential plans with enrollment of a minimum of 5 W-2 employees


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