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The AAFD’s Franchisee LEGALINE℠ is an exclusive network of experienced franchisee counsel, franchise law, franchise lawyers, and franchise legal help throughout the United States to represent the interests of franchisees and prospective franchisees. Currently, the Franchisee LegaLine operates in more than 40 states in the U.S. and in Canada, offering FREE initial consultations to AAFD members and valuable special member programs including initial franchise opportunity reviews, initial franchise dispute reviews and special member pricing.

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The Morgan Law Firm

Contact: Dean Morgan
Location 151 W. Chocolate Avenue Hershey Pennsylvania 17033 Phone: 717-220-4300 Website:
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About the Member

Dean is a former US Marine, Former Police Officer, and former Loss Prevention Executive.  Dean is a former Prosecutor with 15 years of experience litigating cases ranging from simply contract disputes to complex muti-million dollar fraud cases.  He has litigated, and won, cases in the federal and state courts throughout the nation. 


Since 2010, the firm has grown – representing individuals, small businesses and franchisees.   We have helped small business – such as a bakery, a training company, and a venture capital firm start and grow.   We have protected the interests of our clients – including franchisees, a management company, and a petroleum company – protect their assets.  

We have helped our franchisee clients navigate difficult times through the COVID Pandemic and grow larger, expending into multiple markets.

We are known as upfront and honest negotiators and tough trial lawyers.  If it is in our client’s best interest to settle a case, we will recommend settlement.  But, when it is time to fight, the inner-Marine comes out to play.  We have won judgements for our individual and corporate clients through litigation.  Whether is was a defense (our client) verdict for an $2K engement ring or a $2.7 million judgment for our clients as Plaintiffs, we put maximum effort into achieving the best possible result. 

We have conducted complex investigations ranging from policy violations to complex schemes involving federal law enforcement officers.  We regularly conduct discrimination, harassment, and theft investigations on behalf of our clients.  Our staff includes former law enforcement officers and National Security professionals. 
It is our commitment that the client’s needs will come first in everything we do.
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151 W. Chocolate Avenue Hershey Pennsylvania 17033