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Chapter Management Coordinator

The Chapter Management Coordinator provides staff support to the AAFD’s member franchisee associations and chapters. AAFD Chapter Coordinators essentially serve in a capacity that is similar to a shared executive director for client chapters and associations, executing on board decisions. The difference is that true executive directors are proactive in leading an association, whereas AAFD chapter coordinators serve a more reactive role. The Chapter Management Coordinator will:

  • Work with chapter leaders to provide guidance and administrative support to achieve chapter goals
  • Coordinate chapter calls, meetings and initiatives
  • Conduct chapter elections
  • Facilitate communications and events

This position is a largely customer service and administrative support role, and excellent computer, Internet and phone skills are very important.

Chapter Development Coordinator

The Chapter Development Coordinator essentially serves in a sales manager role by supporting chapter formation and membership drives. The Development Coordinator will:

  • Assist chapter membership drives and membership committees to grow and retain membership
  • Work in concert with chapter managers to help maintain healthy and effective AAFD chapters

Computer and phone skills are critical, but this position is more business development oriented than administrative.

Motivated, Organized Candidates to Work from Home

Both of these positions are designed to be ‘work from home’ opportunities, and can be either AAFD employees or independent contractor positions.  Candidates are being considered in all US time zones as many of our chapter leaders are spread across the country.

These positions are ideal for individuals who prefer to work from home, who have a quiet work area with high-speed internet connections, and who possess strong computer skills. Experience in the franchise industry is a plus for both opportunities but not a requirement. Familiarity with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services and software is useful.

If you are interested, or know someone you might recommend to the AAFD, please forward resumes or recommendations to

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