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AAFD Acknowledges the 2nd Anniversary of AAFD Electronic Payment Processing from Branded Partner, Chosen Payments

Posted on Date: Jun 14, 2019


The AAFD is proud to acknowledge Chosen Payments as the AAFD’s branded partner powering the AAFD Electronic Payment Processing branded program. 

Chosen Payments leads the merchant industry and specializes in a variety of businesses, making them a well-rounded option for your electronic processing needs. The company has won the prestigious Data’s President’s Club award six years in a row and were included in Inc’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Businesses list.  

As a well trusted service provider in franchisee credit card processing, Chosen Payments offers The AAFD Electronic Payment program to all AAFD members. This program has low costs, fast funding, and technology-driven solutions for your business needs.   

AAFD Chairman and CEO Robert Purvin understands the value Chosen Payments will bring to all AAFD members, “AAFD Branded Programs are designed to deliver the power of group purchasing to AAFD members, and the program offered to AAFD members by Chosen Payments under the AAFD Brand certainly delivers on our promise of top quality products and services marketed and cobranded by the AAFD and our Branded Program Partners.” 

Jeff Brodsly, Chosen Payments President and CEO, expressed his pleasure at becoming an AAFD’s endorsed partner to offer the AAFD Electronic Payment program. “Chosen Payments greatly appreciates the trust and confidence the AAFD has placed in our organization, and we make this simple pledge to all AAFD Members: We guarantee we can save you money or we will give you $500!” 

AAFD Members will receive $100 off their first month of services when they switch to Chosen Payments as their credit card processor. For more information on the company and their services, or to request  quote, please contact Sarah McKee. 

Sarah McKee  

Ph: 805.910.1445 



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