Your Center for Total Quality Franchising®

The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers is a national non-profit trade association representing the rights and interests of franchisees and independent dealers throughout the United States.

Each year we invite franchisee association leaders and members to gather at our AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit and Annual Conference to discuss the most pressing issues facing franchisees. Our conference is also an opportunity to push forward our agenda of Total Quality Franchising and to inspire new leaders to fight for Fair Franchising.

The AAFD is focused on market driven reform to achieve its mission to define and promote collaborative franchise cultures that the AAFD describes as Total Quality Franchising. Since its formation, the AAFD has grown to represent more than 50,000 franchised locations throughout the United States. The AAFD has members in all 50 states and represents more than 100 different franchise systems.

The AAFD’s Fair Franchising Standards, Fair Franchising Seal, Trademark Chapters, and emphasis on marketplace solutions led to the Association’s recognition as a growing force in franchising. The AAFD provides a broad range of member services designed to help franchisees build market power, create legislative support of interest to franchisees, provide legal and financial support, and provide a wide range of general member benefits.