Project Description

John “J.D.” Heiden started his Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) consulting practice in April 2005. During this time, his South Florida practice has delivered over 250 successful projects in 17 different expense areas with savings of well over $10MM for its clients. In 2008, J.D. was honored as a member of the inaugural President’s Circle Award, identifying him as one of the top ERA consultants in the U.S., measured in client results and contributions to the entire ERA network. He was also recognized as the 2010 Consultant of the Year for the Southern Florida area.
J.D. has been the Chairperson for ERA’s Merchant Card Practice since 2013, leveraging his extensive experience in delivering Merchant Card reviews for ERA clients for almost 15 years. As the practice leader he implemented best practice meetings to ensure information was effectively shared across the practice group’s consultants, so it could be leveraged wit ERA clients to deliver maximum results.
In addition to J.D.’s thriving ERA consulting practice, he was one of the founding members of the ERA-FOA and it’s first president. Like most, ERA association was forged in the crucible of franchisor issues. While significant progress has been made with the franchisor, J.D. has worked to implement other programs that would benefit the ERA franchisees long term, including potential healthcare benefits, monthly best practices calls, and other benefits to some or all ERA-FOA members.
J.D.’s prior experience includes service as a U.S. Navy Surface Officer with Atlantic and Pacific fleet deployments.  His transition from active duty in 1999 was followed by positions as a relationship and technology program manager with American Express and IBM. In those roles, he developed and led efforts to help business partners’ better leverage technology to reduce costs and increase process efficiency. This included a project to reduce card authorization costs in the Latin America & Caribbean area by over 40% by leveraging existing and emerging technologies and migration of an $8MM data communication center migration program from Boulder, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona with zero down time.
Heiden has also been a free-lance columnist for the South Florida Business Journal. His column, “Finding Extra Profits”, provides tips and strategies about various expense categories that businesses can use to reduce their overall costs. Additionally, he has been interviewed by several business programs such as Small Biz Brain and WCEO Radio.
Heiden completed Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2004 and holds a B.S. and M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University.

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