Project Description

You’ve worked hard to build value and equity in your franchise, but how much of it do you actually own? Join us to discuss a topic that affects every single franchise owner.

Keynote General Session: Protecting Your Franchise Equity

Our program kicks off with a distinguished panel presenting an overview of goals and strategies to enhance and protect a franchisee’s ownership rights and equity. The panel will discuss:

• Understanding key elements of franchisee equity and why they are important

• The role Franchisee Associations play in protecting franchisees

• Winning negotiation strategies

• Legislative and regulatory strategies

• Litigation as your last resort


Part Two of our Keynote Session is comprised of round table discussions led by industry leaders on a variety of subtopics related to our theme of Protecting Your Franchise Equity:

• Legislative and regulatory strategies

• Negotiating strategies

• Promoting collaborative cultures

• Protecting renewal rights

• Protecting your markets

• Protecting transfer rights

• Franchisee goodwill

• Getting compensated for system enhancements