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Robert Zarco, founding partner of Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski, & Brito, P.A., has built a reputation of success and changing lives of small businesses for over 35 years by passionately protecting the legal rights and interests of franchisees and other underdog commercial business clients nationwide and internationally. Zarco is known as a creative, solution-oriented negotiator, and aggressive Trial Lawyer, handling complex business transactions, disputes and litigation in Federal and State Courts nationwide, including arbitration and mediation. Zarco and his experienced team of attorneys provide the highest caliber of legal services, expertise, and professionalism in Business and Corporate Law in the areas of franchisor/franchisee, manufacturer/distributor, automobile, truck and equipment dealers’ disputes, as well as other disputes and litigation in commercial real estate and construction, intellectual property and trademark, and C-Level Employment issues.

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Robert Zarco Phone: 305-374-5418

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