Protecting Your Franchise Equity

We have an excellent program in the works, led by incredibly talented and innovative franchisee leaders. Attendees can expect to learn a lot from our hard-hitting general sessions as well as enjoy some of our classic and beloved traditions, like our Total Quality Franchising Awards Gala and our signature Ice Cream Social.

Take a look at what we have in store for you at our conference, and start planning your conference schedule:

  • Keynote Session – Empowering Franchisee Associations
  • Franchisee Leadership Council Round Table
  • Total Quality Franchising Awards Gala
  • Market Power Networking
  • Powerful Breakout Seminars led by industry leaders
    • When Private Equity Buys Your Franchise System
    • Association Best Practices
    • Protecting Your Market
    • Franchisee Influence Over Marketing Funds
    • Mission Fast & Focused: The Blueprint to Making More while Working Less
    • The Power of Group Purchasing
  • AAFD Action Task Force Workshops
  • Networking Opportunities

Our Program Chairs


Bryan W. Dillon

Bryan is a partner with Lagarias, Napell & Dillon, LLP, a nationally recognized firm, with offices in northern and southern California, that specializes [...]

Chapter Board Meeting or Membership Meeting?

Our conference is also an excellent opportunity for you to arrange for a board meeting or a meeting of your membership. We would be glad to help you arrange this meeting.

Contact us to learn more