Become a Contributor for The AAFD Franchisee Voice Blog

The AAFD welcomes guest blog submissions from those who have something relevant to say about franchising and/or of interest to franchise owners. We look forward to hearing from franchise owners, attorneys, suppliers, consultants, or others who can provide special insight into an area of franchising, or of general interest to small business owners. AAFD blogs are typically posted throughout the week, but blasted to blog subscribers the Monday or Tuesday following the date of posting.

Our guidelines are simple. 

We accept blog posts from members and non-members, but the AAFD Bylaws only allow Supporting (supplier) Members to market products and services through the AAFD. This means that only Supporting Members can include live links to their organization in their guest blog post. Non-member guest bloggers can include their name, title, affiliations and email address at the end of their blog post without live links.

We will review all submissions. AAFD members will receive priority posting privileges. If the article meets our standards, we will approve it to post and will give you an estimated publishing date. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we may provide suggested edits or let you know it’s not a good fit for our blog. Occasionally we may not have the time to respond immediately, so please be patient when waiting for a response.

Please be aware that the AAFD may choose not to endorse independently written blogs and that we will not take responsibility for any inaccurate information included in an independent blog post. The author is responsible for any and all conflicts that may arise from the publishing of independently written blogs.

Those who wish to be a guest writer for the AAFD’s Franchise Voice Blog can submit a topic for consideration OR submit a completed blog post using the form below.

Guest post submissions must:

  • Be related to franchising in some manner or of significant interest to our blog visitors

  • We are a national organization, so highly regional topics are not favored unless they can relate to our broader audience.

  • Be written in an engaging, understandable manner

  • Not focus on the same topic of a recently published post.

  • Not contain derogatory, discriminatory or highly critical language (we are not about tearing down individuals or specific companies)

  • Provide some relevant takeaway that will be useful to our readers.

  • Be no longer than 1,000 words. (We may make an exception in special cases.)

  • Not be obviously commercial or self-promoting. The AAFD provides resources for members who are interested in marketing their services to our community, including listings on the website and periodic email blasts. If you are writing about a service or product you provide, your proposed blog should provide relevant information without being self-promotional.

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