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Posted on Date: Nov 24, 2013


While support for fair franchising is the most important benefit of membership, the AAFD works hard to make your membership as valuable as possible. Our members get a whole host of valuable FREE services, including:

That’s a pretty good deal, right? Well, we’re going to make it even sweeter. You should have recently received an email that informed you of two new big FREE services that now come as part of the AAFD Membership package. The first is a free subscription to the AAFD Franchisee Voice weekly information emails. The second new benefit is access to the AAFD Marketplace.

The AAFD Franchisee Voice
The AAFD Franchisee Voice is a weekly email filled with important information, news and opinions on all things franchising. This hot tip sheet will give you important insight on what’s happening in the franchise world and provide advice on how you can succeed at your own franchise endeavors.

The email you received included a button to subscribe to the AAFD Franchisee Voice. If you didn’t already subscribe, then do it now!

The AAFD Marketplace
The AAFD Marketplace is here! We are proud to announce that the AAFD Marketplace is officially in beta testing.  The new classified listing service will allow franchisees and franchise suppliers to sell fixtures, lease land, hire new employees, look for jobs and new opportunities and even buy and sell existing franchise businesses through the AAFD Marketplace partnership with As an AAFD Member, you will automatically have access to the AAFD Marketplace, where you can see what is for sale and maybe even buy something you need at a nice discount from retail prices.

Oh, and one more thing, during beta testing, all standard ads are FREE for AAFD Members. That’s right, you can sell extra equipment, put out a help wanted ad for a new employee or even put your franchise up for sale.  AAFD Members also receive a 20% discount when listing their businesses for sale through the AAFD Marketplace partnership with

Again, all you have to do is register your account to access these great benefits.

Not A Member Yet? Help Us protect franchisee rights and receive our valuable benefits too!
Join the AAFD to protect your franchise investment (or for help making a wise investment).  Our bundle of benefits will more than justify the modest cost of membership—Just $79 for Associate members (even less of members of Affiliated Franchisee Associations)!. Review a list of all our membership options to determine where you fit, and then make haste to sign up so you can start enjoying all of these benefits today.

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