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Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman LLC

Posted on Date: Jul 16, 2018



Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman LLC. Contact: Jonathan E. Fortman
Work Address: 250 St. Catherine Street Florissant, MO 63031 Work Phone: 314-522-2312 Work Fax: 314-524-1519
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Fortman Law is experienced in franchise law, focuses on representing the rights of franchisees, and is reasonably priced in order for franchisees to afford high quality legal representation. We represent franchise clients all over the United States in various State Courts, Federal Courts, arbitrations, and mediations. We have pursued (and won) cases that other attorneys turned away. We possess the skills and experience necessary to represent franchisees in a variety of business considerations and disputes.

You can find his listing in our LegaLine Franchisee Network HERE.

Jurisdictions Served: Missouri
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