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By Published On: July 25th, 2019

One of the defining events of our yearly Franchisee Leadership Summit and Conference is the AAFD Total Quality Franchising Awards (TQF Awards). The TQF Awards allow us to showcase and celebrate outstanding service to the franchising community as well as the franchisees, associations, and suppliers who are leading the charge in the fight for fair franchising.

Proudly, the AAFD announces nominations for AAFD Member TQF Awards, which recognizes advancement within our AAFD associations. Take a look at the list to see if you recognize any names. You might even see your own!

Franchisee Member of the Year

This award recognizes an individual franchisee who has worked hard to advance the ideals of the Fair Franchising Standards in the previous year. This individual embodies the spirit of fair franchising and has made a difference in the franchising community.


  • Carmine Mazzarella, PIFA (Pearle Vision Franchisees Chapter)
  • April Porter, IA9RF (9Round Fitness Franchisees Chapter)
  • Stephen Rymal, GHCFA (Griswold Home Care Franchisees Chapter)
  • Rudy Bazelmans & JD Heiden, ERA-FOA (Expense Reduction Analysts Franchisees Chapter)
  • Nancy Giacomuzzi, IABF (BNI Franchisees Chapter)

Supporting Member of the Year Award

The Supporting Member of the Year Award recognizes an AAFD Supplier Member that has provided great assistance to our member over the last year.


  • SecrtSos, April Porter, President,
  • Best Postcards, Andrew Ettinger, CEO
  • Inventiva Design, Claudia Bolognesi, Founder & CEO
  • Medova Lifestyle Health Plans, Dan Whitney, President

AAFD Chapter of the Year Award

This award recognizes the AAFD Chapter that has made the most progress in the previous year. In determining the winner of this award, we look at things like membership growth, membership retention, overall chapter activity, and chapter achievements. The Chapter of the Year Award showcases all that a well-functioning, committed chapter can achieve for its membership.


  • 9Round Fitness Franchisees Chapter (IA9RF)
  • Pearle Vision Franchisees Chapter (PIFA)
  • Griswold Home Care Franchisees Chapter (GHCFA)
  • Pinots Palette Franchisees Chapter (PFA)
  • BNI Franchisees Chapter (IABF)

Rookie Chapter of the Year Award

The Rookie Chapter of the Year Award goes to a chapter that was created in the last year that has shown the most growth, activity, and forward momentum. This award celebrates the development of a thriving new AAFD chapter that we hope will continue to achieve great things for its members.


  • Tutor Doctor Franchisees Chapter (IATDF)
  • Blackjack Pizza Franchisees Chapter (IABPF)
  • Delivery Dudes Franchisees Chapter (IADDF)
  • Barre3 Franchisees Chapter (IAB3F)

AAFD Trailblazer Awards

The AAFD Trailblazer Awards are presented to individuals who have worked tirelessly to increase the membership within their franchisee chapter.

2019 Honorees:

  • Angela Ferber, IA9RF (9Round Fitness Franchisees Chapter)
  • IATDF Board of Directors (Tutor Doctor Franchisees Chapter)
  • Carmine Mazzarella, PIFA (Pearle Vision Franchisees Chapter)
  • Mark Carmody, IABF (BNI Franchisees Chapter)
  • April Porter, IA9RF (9Round Fitness Franchisees Chapter)
  • Marne Whitney, IAB3F (Barre3 Franchisees Chapter)
  • Steve Goodwin, IAITF (iTrip Vacations Franchisees Chapter)

Stay Tuned for our franchising community TQF Awards Announcements

Keep your eyes peeled, because we will soon announce the 2019 Recipients of our prestigious AAFD Total Quality Franchising Community Awards, including the recipients of the AAFD Franchisor of the Year, the AAFD TQF Award for Lifetime Achievement, the AAFD Chairman’s Awards for Distinguished Service to the Franchising Community, and our newly created AAFD Franchising Legacy Award.

Join Us for the Total Quality Franchising Awards Gala

The AAFD will be recognizing all TQF Award nominees and honorees at our Total Quality Franchising Awards Banquet & Gala, which will take place on Monday, Sept. 16th at the Sheraton Mesa in Mesa, AZ.

We welcome you to join us and support the leaders of fair franchising at our awards banquet and encourage you to join us for the entire leadership summit. You can find out more information or make your reservations today on our conference website.

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