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Announcing Keynote Speaker – Ana Welsh

By Published On: March 28th, 2024

Join us at the AAFD 2024 Franchisee Leadership event, where growth strategies, leadership development, and the pursuit of franchise fairness converge with actionable insights. We are excited to introduce Ana Welsh as our keynote speaker on Tuesday, May 7th with the theme “Cultivating a Culture that Scales. Ana’s message aligns perfectly with the core theme of AAFD 2024 Franchisee Leadership Summit – Success, Through Collaboration. 

Ana brings a wealth of knowledge, her energetic flair, and a track record of effecting tangible success to our gathering. A seasoned coach, she has dedicated herself to fostering professional growth and invigorating leadership within the complex tapestry of today’s business environment.

Before stepping into the limelight to guide others, she sculpted the foundations of employee engagement within a rapidly expanding, investor-driven healthcare enterprise. Now, as the architect of her own business, Ana customizes her strategic coaching to anchor and expand the capacities of small business owners and professionals seeking that competitive edge.

Keynote Spotlight: Cultivating a Culture that Scales

Imagine scaling to multiple seven figures and beyond without worrying that your favorite employees will leave for more money. Imagine not having to listen to that bad apple eat up your time “venting”. Imagine being able to focus on growing revenue—not putting out fires, hand-holding your managers, or dealing with staff drama every day. This scenario can become reality when you cultivate a scalable culture. With the right strategies, you can achieve this without wasting hours every day, breaking the bank, or replacing most of your management team.

During this session you’ll learn HOW to elevate your team’s culture with practical action items you can easily execute on your first day back at your business. Learn More »

The 2024 AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit is your arena from May 5-8, the Marriott St. Louis Grand, St. Louis, MO. Seize the moment with purposeful sessions designed to drive your franchise association and business forward. This is where collaboration meets success, navigating legislative changes and establishing new standards for franchise fairness to maximize hard-earned profits.

Register today to be part of our summit that promises not just conversation, but real, actionable solutions.

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