In 2022, the AAFD celebrated its 30th Anniversary, themed “It’s Our Time: Partner for Success“. This event highlighted our efforts to drive the franchising cause forward by working closely with federal and state legislators, partnering with government agencies and expanding the AAFD’s partnership and membership footprint. We need to keep the momentum going as we are at a critical point, expanding our efforts to collaborate with all stakeholders that connect with the franchising world – and yes, this includes working more effectively with franchisors.

I am excited to announce that we will kick off our 2024 Summit with the theme, “Success through Collaboration”. With this theme in mind, and after gathering valuable insights from our franchisee members and suppliers, the AAFD Team has been hard at work implementing your suggestions to provide even greater value to our upcoming summit event for franchisees. Several of the key enhancements and updates we are incorporating include:

  • Focused on legislation affecting franchisees – why it is important and how to act
  • Adding personal and professional development opportunities to help you and your business succeed
  • Enhancing the connections between members, chapters, suppliers and the AAFDs network of franchise attorneys
  • Professional keynote speaker(s) for kickoff and dinner banquet
  • Expanding attendance to local franchisees (greater St. Louis area)

In our ongoing efforts to closely collaborate with Congress and bring about significant changes in the franchising industry, we acknowledge that we cannot achieve this alone. Your participation at our 2024 Summit makes an enormous difference, not only for the AAFD, but for your fellow franchisees and the collective voice we share.

Let us seize this opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the franchising world, and mark your calendar for:

WHAT: The AAFD’s Franchisee Leadership Summit and Annual Conference
WHEN: May 5 – May 8, 2024
WHERE: Marriott St. Louis Grand, St. Louis, MO

Keep an eye out for more details in January 2024.


Richard E. Stroiney
Chief Executive
Officer and Trustee