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All New & Enhanced for 2022 Contact: Steven Chapkin
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Many franchise owners are struggling to afford insurance for themselves and to offer health benefits to their employees. To help alleviate these challenges we are proud to offer our members several alternative health options, including Limited Medical Benefit Plans and Short Term Medical Plans and Telehealth Membership Services.  The AAFD continues to offer AAFD Health Savings Accounts, our FREE WellCard Health Discount Card, and our health insurance marketplace through eHealth.com.

Both the Limited Medical Benefit and Short Term Medical Plans are new health care options offered through our authorized broker, SimplHealth.  Telehealth Membership Program from Convenient Care Plus.

Member Offer

The Limited Medical Benefit Plans offered through SimplHealth provide predictable, fixed first-dollar payments for different medical expenses as well as specific value-added benefits, including a fracture benefit, mental health benefit, substance abuse benefit, and accidental death coverage. It offers you a choice of five PPO plans, each providing a different level of payments tied to monthly premium costs. While it is not major medical health coverage, a Limited Medical Benefit Plan can act as a low-cost, basic health plan alternative to insurance that is either too costly or not available to business owners. It can also work to bridge the deductible gap for franchisees who have high deductible health insurance plans. This coverage is currently available in 28 states.

The Short Term Medical Coverage can act as a temporary stopgap health plan for an individual or family that does not currently have health insurance. It offers four comprehensive health insurance plans and is appropriate for individuals who have aged out of dependent coverage on their family’s health plan, must endure a waiting period before getting coverage, or for those who do not have coverage available in their area. The plans allow for as little as 30 days of coverage or up to four 90-day coverage periods. This coverage is currently available in 23 states.

Telehealth Membership Program from Convenient Care Plus.  Convenient Care Plus is a membership plan that offers unlimited access to a healthcare provider 24/7/365 for basic illnesses such as cold and flu, infections, pink eye, sore throat, allergies and more, all for one low monthly fee starting as low as $15 a month. AAFD members get an exclusive discounted membership price with discounts from 21% – 61% . Convenient Care Plus memberships are available to both individuals and employers.

The AAFD Health Savings Account (HSA) and the AAFD WellCard combined with our new programs to make up AAFD Health Benefits, a suite of products designed to make health care affordable. The AAFD WellCard functions as a health discount card, offering all AAFD members and their family members savings of up to 65% on drug prices and 30% on medical visits. The card links AAFD members to a national network of over 59,000 pharmacies and 350,000 physicians. This is a free benefit for being a member of the AAFD and can be accessed by logging into the member portal at http://www.AAFD.org.

The AAFD HSA allows an individual to save up to $3,500 a year, tax-free. This money can be spent on any type of medical cost, from office visit co-pays, to prescription costs, blood tests, x-rays, and more. The money can be invested and rolled over if it is not fully used each year.

AAFD Members interested in learning more about any AAFD Health Benefits Plans can visit https://www.aafd.org/HealthBenefits