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By Published On: March 27th, 2020

by Laura Thompson*, Textellent – the leading provider of Business Texting 

We are all under stress right now as we face a new kind of quickly evolving crisis that is not just regional, but global. Large enterprises, franchise organizations and small businesses alike are all trying to determine better ways to communicate with staff, partners, customers and vendors.  

Texting in these times can provide a fast, trusted means of communicating since 90% of text messages are read within one minute, and just as importantly, less than 1% are considered SPAM. Ideal for getting out trusted information quickly. 

But there is another consideration. Some businesses have one-way texting in place to announce a delivery or appt.  Unfortunately, those systems may not be as helpful in a crisis. Why? These messages come from a “short” 6 digit number (not a real phone number) so when a recipient wants to text back with a question, they typically receive an error message since those systems are designed for one-way (  not two way ) communications. 

A true Business Texting system text-enables your business office numbers allowing you to send texts (and even send images) from the numbers your staff and customers recognize, but with automation so you’re not sending messages one by one. This allows you to quickly blast out communications to staff, customers, partners, allowing them to respond with questions/concerns. Responses can be quickly handled too with pre-crafted responses to common issues yet allowing for support from management staff as needed. In this way businesses can be more responsive and empatheticHere are some examples:  

  • Please check your email for further information on pay policies or getting unemployment insurance  
  • Changes in policies, deadlines, payment dates, form submissions due to emergency.    
  • Customers can be informed of your new situation and how they can get products on-line or support by phone during this time. 

Business Texting handles these issues and more enabling you to manage a higher volume of communications at a time when streamlining the process is key. The right texting provider can allow multiple staff members to be responding to incoming texts and do so from their computer or their own cell phone without ever revealing their personal cell number or downloading yet another app to their phone. This allows the business to provide support virtually as team members may need to work from home during a crisis like Covid-19. A record of all these communications is also kept. 

*Laura Thompson is the Chief Marketing Officer for Textellent, Inc., Supporting Member of the AAFD Suppliers Network, and provider of the AAFD’s platform for text messaging to our members. Textellent offers exclusive discounts to AAFD members. Textellent has provided Business Texting services for leading financial providers, franchisors and small businesses for almost a decade. Contact them to help you put a plan in place that will help you better communicate with those in your business eco-system during these challenging times. Textellent’s Business Texting system will also help you ramp your business back up with innovative texting campaigns that focus on helping you promote your business and generate new leads when you are ready.  



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