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Idealistic Dreamer to Burned-Out Business Owner? Avoid that Fate with the Super-Secret Magic Formula to Finding More Time

By Published On: June 6th, 2019

This story isn’t new. A big dreamer becomes dissatisfied with the corporate life – the strict schedule, limited vacation time, ceiling on earnings, few opportunities to be creative or make a difference, and answering to a boss who doesn’t appreciate the employee’s value – and ventures into small business ownership.  

As the dreamer embarks on the adventure, he feels as if he is traveling over the rainbow – leaving the boring black-and-white job security of Kansas behind and breaking into the technicolor of Oz. Upon arrival, he begins to execute his plan – follow the yellow brick road to business growth.  

On his initial journey, he knows with clarity that he must focus on the growth path, but finds himself easily distracted. After all, there is much more to do than just grow the business; he is the business. If he doesn’t create the product, there won’t be a product to sell; if he doesn’t find the customers, there will be no one to sell to; if he doesn’t do the selling, there will be no revenue earned; if he doesn’t do the books, there will be no bills paid, and so on.  

The business owner has the brains, heart, and courage that carried him through the early days of business ownership, but the initial excitement is wearing off. He is now working more hours than he did in his corporate job, making less money and hasn’t had a day off since he started. When he is with his family, he is thinking about the business and working from his smart phone. As he watches his relationships suffer, he keeps telling himself that it will get better when he can hit the next revenue goal.  

During his journey, the business owner seeks out answers at the AAFD Leadership Summit where the Business Education and Development Task Force gifts him with the Super-Secret Magic Formula to Finding More Time. With this easy-to-swallow potion, the business owner learns the techniques to focus his energy on things that Grow business opportunities, Expand revenue streams, and Transcend from an employee mindset to that of an entrepreneur (GET It Activities) and release the Daily Operations that simply keep the Doors Open (Do-Do Tasks).  

He returns to his business with the tools to shift his time and efforts to the tasks that create SWAG in his life – Sanity, Wealth, and Gratitude, leaving chaos, scarcity, and stress behind. He can confidently spend less time in the business and nurture the quality of the life of his dreams, while watching his business grow and flourish.  

The Business Education and Development Task Force was designed to address the individual franchisee’s experience and struggles inside the business in order to increase profitability and quality of life. Join us at our seminar to learn the Super-Secret Magic Formula to Finding More Time. You will leave with the tools and techniques to implement what you learn immediately upon returning home.   


The Business Education and Development Task Force will meet at the AAFD’s Leadership Summit and Annual Conference, taking place September 15 – 18th in Mesa, Arizona (greater Phoenix area). April Porter will also be hosting a seminar dedicated to explaining many of the concepts in this article. Learn more about the AAFD Leadership Summit and Annual Conference 

April Porter is the founder of SecrtSOS, a spy-themed service that helps business owners move from overwhelming long hours to a place of sanity, wealth, and gratitude. SecrtSOS is a supplier member of the AAFD. Learn more about SecrtSOS at 

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Written by : April Porter

April Porter is an accomplished attorney and business owner who has been recognized as CEO of one of the Top Fastest Growing Companies in St. Louis for the past three years. Debbie Ward is an expert marketing strategist featured on the national podcast “Get Clients Now.” SecrtSOS incorporates a series of interactive, spy-themed missions that provide useful business plans and strategies for success. Their goal is to improve a franchisee’s overall experience of operating a business, while giving them the tools to thrive in all facets of business ownership!