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Chosen Payments Tips, Where Fees Go

Many merchants falsely believe all of the fees they pay go to their credit card processor. If that was the case there would probably be a lot more credit card processors out there today. The truth is, your processor actually keeps a very tiny portion of the transactions.

The Myth of the Health Insurance Silver Bullet

It’s a good question. All across our country, consumers are facing higher-than-ever deductibles on their health insurance (especially self-employed franchisees). It’s no surprise that health care is already a leading issue of the upcoming election. Many presidential contenders are advocating for universal health care (also called “Health Care for All” or “Medicare for All”). Is universal health care the silver bullet we’ve all been waiting for?

The Franchise Industry, Heavily Regulated? – Shattering the Myth

All of us have heard the argument: franchises are in a heavily regulated industry.  Really?  This article will attempt to briefly clarify what is specifically regulated, what isn’t, and is it enough considering those investing in a franchise not only risk their investment, but likely all their assets.

“When Private Equity Buys Your Franchisor”

A Sneak Peak at an Upcoming Program at the 2019 AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit in September

Within the last decade, private equity firms have purchased many established franchisors, and have significantly changed the landscape of franchising. Indeed, some of the most established brands have changed hands from legacy owners to private investors. This movement reflects, on the one hand, a desire of legacy owners to move on to retirement or other ventures after many years at the helm and, on the other, the fact that franchising is a good business and a good investment.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but… Creating a Health Care System that Could Work for America

While I don’t profess to have all the answers for creating a perfect healthcare system, I do have an advanced degree in health-related studies. And since the health care universe has been a major part of my professional life for the past 35 years, I feel as though I have acquired some unique insights into the workings of the business of health. It is with this knowledge that I read with interest and, sometimes, great amusement, the proposals for replacement of the PPACA, colloquially known as Obamacare.

5 Tips on Finding a Cost-Effective Phone System for Small Businesses

Finding a phone system that fits a small business’s needs and budget can be a challenge. Traditional phone systems are expensive; most come with long-term contracts and early termination costs and can be difficult to set up. Cell phones are convenient, but when small business owners and employees use their personal numbers, there’s always the chance of mixing business with pleasure or being interrupted while off the clock – or even worse, having to juggle two devices!