Affiliate Membership Benefits & Dues

  • AAFD Health Benefits – Customized health insurance plans offered through Lifestyle Health Plans from Medova Healthcare, tax advantaged Health Savings Accounts through Health Equity*, dental plans and vision plans, limited and short-term health plans, and the AAFD’s WellCard medical and pharmacy discounts benefits.  
  • Member Discounts – Members only discounts from AAFD Supplier Members and exclusive AAFD Branded Programs for a variety of products and services, including Office Depot, AAFD Printing and Direct Mail Program from The Best Postcards, AAFD Meeting Call from, AAFD Telecommunications from VoxOx, and more.  
  • Networking – Network with your fellow franchise owners through the AAFD to solve problems and build your business.  
  • Legislative Advocacy – The AAFD is dedicated to supporting and promoting the AAFD’s Fair Franchising Standards™ and provides legislative advocacy of franchisee causes. 
  • Legal Support – AAFD members gain access to the AAFD’s Franchisee LegaLineSM network of top-quality franchise attorneys and receive FREE consultations with Franchisee LegaLine attorneys. 
  • Industry Updates – stay informed with industry updates with included subscriptions to AAFD’s Franchisee Voice and Franchisee Times Magazine.  
  • Education – The AAFD website is a hub of useful information that includes the AAFD Roadmap to Selecting a Franchise, resources for franchise buyers, service directories, useful links and more.  

 Affiliate Membership Base Dues: $39 

(Or as negotiated with your brand specific association. Select your association to see your negotiated rate — your dues may already be included in your existing membership!) 

For more information, or if you have any questions about the AAFD’s Affiliate Membership, call us toll free at (800) 733-9858. 

* AAFD Health Benefits Health Savings Accounts (HSA accounts) must be linked with an HSA qualified health insurance policy, available through AAFD’s authorized brokers.