Supporting membership is available to anyone or any company that is interested in marketing goods and services to AAFD members (only AAFD accredited franchisors are eligible for supporting membership to market their franchise opportunities). Only Supporting members are permitted to participate in AAFD Professional Services Panels, advertise in AAFD publications, and exhibit at the AAFD's MarketPower Trade Show. Supporting members may be voting or non-voting.

Supporting Membership Base Dues: $500.00 plus applicable panel dues.

Additional Panel Dues for your choice of the AAFD's exclusive Professional Service Panels. Supporting Members are entitled to enroll in AAFD Professional Services Referral Panels, subject to paying the applicable panel dues and meeting the requirements of Panel Membership. Includes 50 word directory listing and separate marketing program for each panel managed by the panel’s steering committee.

AAFD Service Panels. Must include at least one panel: (Choose all that apply)

Franchisee LegaLinesm.... $500

Check the box below If you want your practice to be listed under the AAFD National Listing
National Practice Listing: .... $250
Select from the dropdown below If you want to add additional contact names in your online listing

Suppliers Networksm.... $1000

FinanciaLinesm.... $250

Lenders Networksm.... $600

Arbitration and Mediation Panel.... $100

Speakers and Experts Bureau .... $250

Council of Fair Franchising Seal Recipients .... $750

Supporting Membership Benefit