Franchisee Membership

Franchisee AAFD Membership Base Dues from a low $380.

Your 1st year dues includes a one-time $70 initiation fee, plus AAFD national dues (currently $310 for forming chapters and $240 for Active Chapters). AAFD national dues covers your first franchise unit, and multi-unit operators are asked to pay $55 dues for each of your additional units up to 8 additional units.

You will also be assessed Chapter dues as set by your chapter Board of Directors (the default is $70). For forming AAFD Chapters your AAFD National dues includes a $70 credit for chapter expenses.

The Monthly AAFD's Painless Payment option allows franchisee members to authorize equal monthly payments by ACH or Credit Card.

I am applying for Franchisee Membership in the AAFD, and I certify that I own a franchised or independent dealership business.

Join a franchisee association for your franchise system by participating in an AAFD Trademark Chapter.
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