Dafanie Financial Group
Voluntary & Supplemental Benefits

Dafanie Financial is an insurance agency that provides Voluntary/Supplementary Benefits from Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company at no cost to the franchise community. Voluntary Benefits are designed to help startups and mature franchisees manage their healthcare costs, attract talent and reduce their workers’ compensation claims. Voluntary Benefits are insurance policies that pay benefits directly to employees to help them pay for deductibles, co-pays, household bills and replace wages.

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Dafanie Financial Group

Introducing an Exciting New Benefit from Dafanie Financial Group – Pet Insurance. AAFD members with yet another exceptional benefit – pet insurance from Nationwide. AAFD members receive a 5%-15% discount.  Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company provided AAFD franchisee members special Voluntary Benefits pricing and underwriting guidelines they can offer their employees who work 20-years or longer.

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