We’ve always believed that the franchise attorneys who are part of the AAFD Franchisee LegaLineSM Network are the top practitioners in their field. Now, the 2013 edition of Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business seems to bear us out.

Each year, Chambers USA does an extensive national survey of lawyers and ranks American law firms and attorneys by their specialty. Their 2013 results were just announced, and the “Franchising – Mainly Franchisee” category winners were dominated by AAFD Franchisee LegaLine Network affiliates. In fact, all but three of the individual attorneys recognized in this category have served as part of the AAFD LegaLine Network.

The law firm of Dady & Gardner topped the rankings in this category, and several of its attorneys are AAFD LegaLine members, including Michael Dady, Ronald Gardner, Scot Korzenowski and Jeffery Haff.

The AAFD is proud of all of the current AAFD LegaLine individual attorneys who made the Chambers USA list, which include:

  • Michael J. Dady, Dady & Gardner
  • Ronald K. Gardner, Dady & Gardner
  • Michael W. Garner, W. Michael Garner
  • Scott E. Korzenowski, Dady & Garnder
  • Michael Einbinder, Einbinder & Dunn
  • Robert Einhorn, Zarco Einhorn Salkowksi & Brito
  • Jeffery S. Haff, Dady & Gardner
  • Justin Klein, Marks & Klein
  • Robert Zarco, Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito

There are a few names we feel should have made the list, including Richard Rosen (Richard L. Rosen Law Firm), Carmen Caruso (Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm), Peter Silverman (Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick) and Mario Herman (Mario L. Herman, Esq). Each of these individual is exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and well recognized in the legal franchise arena.   The AAFD is justifiably proud of the high standing of our entire roster of Franchisee LegaLine affiliates, and we now can boast with even greater certainty that our list constitutes to the Who’s Who of franchisee lawyers in the United States.

The AAFD created its LegaLine Network to provide franchisees and prospective franchise buyers with access to the most experienced franchise attorneys throughout the country. All Franchisee LegaLine attorneys offer free initial consultations to AAFD members and AAFD members-only hourly rates. Additionally, AAFD members receive an annual voucher for a free half-hour consultation with a Franchisee LegaLine attorney.

Franchise buyers should always seek the assistance of a franchise attorney before signing a franchise agreement, and I strongly encourage all current franchisees to keep a franchise attorney of record in case they ever need legal assistance in their relationship with their franchisor.

If you need a great franchise attorney, look no further than the AAFD LegaLine Network!

Congratulations again to all of the attorneys featured in the new Chambers USA report.