The AAFD is proud to announce that we have established a new membership portal that allows our members to log into their AAFD account and access special members-only benefits.

Now, when you visit the AAFD website, you’ll see the option to log into your account at the top right-hand side of any page. Upon entering your username and password (provided to you when you established your membership), you will be taken to your account where you can take advantage of a growing array of benefits, including:

AAFDMeetingCallsm Free Conference Calling

In partnership with, the AAFD offers all members unlimited free conference calling capabilities, loaded with features including free call recording and a web based moderator dashboard for added call security and management. You can also host low cost webinars.

Office Depot Discount Card

Whether you need more ink cartridges, note pads, binders or office furniture, Office Depot has all of the office supplies you need to keep your business running. Now you can get those office supplies for even less money. The AAFD offers all of its members an Office Depot discount card, which provides 80% off preferred products, 15% off over 3,000 products on the Office Depot website, free shipping on orders over $50 and many other benefits. Download your FREE Office Depot discount card from your member page any time.

AAFD WellCard

We are extremely proud to offer our members AAFD WellCards, which provide exclusive discounts on a wide range of medical related products and services, including prescriptions, medical visits, dental visits, vision care, hearing devices, lab work, chiropractic visits, and a 24/7 Doctor on Call service, plus much more! The benefits include up to 65% off of prescription medications, 30% off of doctor appointments and 20% off of mail order prescription drug services. If you are a member of the AAFD, you need to take advantage of this opportunity to save on the healthcare costs of yourself and your family. You can sign up to receive your free AAFD WellCard through your membership page.

Franchisee LegaLineSM Voucher

The AAFD Franchisee LegaLine, one of our most popular services, is a network of some of the best franchise attorneys throughout the country. AAFD Members can take advantage of this network with free initial consultations PLUS a free annual consultation with any of the attorneys in this network (one annual consultation per member per year). If you have questions about a particular franchise opportunity, a franchise agreement, or your rights as a franchisee, log onto your AAFD account to download a voucher for the AAFD LegaLine network.

AAFD Franchise Evaluation Tool

If you are in search of a franchise, the AAFD Franchise Self-Evaluation Tool can help you assess the franchise opportunities that most interest you. This tool allows you to rate a particular franchise on a variety of factors. Scoring a franchise opportunity on differing criteria can spotlight issues that you might not have otherwise noted. It can also show you the strengths of different opportunities for comparison purposes. (A $25 value, but FREE to AAFD Members!)

Your Franchise Self-Evaluation Tool is available for free download on your membership page.

The AAFD Marketplace and a special new partnership with

We are just about ready to roll out the AAFD Marketplace, which will allow members to place classified ads to sell almost anything, find equipment, hire employees and offer services.  Through a special partnership with, members can now receive a 20% discount (and other valuable benefits) when advertising to sell their franchised business. Pick up your special discount code from your membership page. When the full AAFD Marketplace launches, many classified ad categories will initially be free for AAFD members, and AAFD members will receive discounted pricing in all other ad categories. Keep your eyes open for the AAFD Marketplace launch.

Please take some time to log into your AAFD membership account to explore all the different benefits we offer. We are always working to expand member benefits, so check back regularly to see what new benefits you can take advantage of.

If you don’t know your username or password, please contact the AAFD for your username and temporary password.

If you are not yet a member of the AAFD, consider signing up to take advantage of these benefits. Any one of our many valuable benefits alone will justify the cost of the Associate Membership fee.