Comprehensive Voluntary Benefit Plans for AAFD Members from Dafanie Financial Group. 

Exciting News for AAFD Members: Comprehensive Voluntary Benefits Plans now included in Health Benefits 2.0!

The AAFD is pleased to announce an extended relationship with Dafanie Financial Group to bring an exceptional range of supplemental insurance products from Colonial Life for the benefit of our members and their employees, as part of the AAFD Health Benefits suite of services. Members can continue to take advantage of comprehensive voluntary benefit plans, such as group life/AD&D, Accident, Disability, Hospital, Cancer, and more, that will provide valuable coverage at competitive pricing.

But wait, there’s more! Dafanie Financial Group has unveiled a valuable new benefit addition: Pet Insurance.

AAFD Members now have exclusive access to pet insurance benefits at preferred pricing from Nationwide, the top pet insurance provider in America. You can enroll by visiting their newly created dedicated landing page here

Dafanie Financial Group, LLC is a multi-state insurance agency committed to helping employers protect their most precious assets – their employees. Offering customized Voluntary Benefits Plans that are tailored to meet business objectives and the well-being of every employee, they will guide you through the process of creating and rolling out a customized Voluntary Benefits Plan that supports your business objectives and the well-being of your employees.

Voluntary Benefits Plans offered:

  • Accident indemnity plans
  • Hospital indemnity plans
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Dental and Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Pet insurance (a proven employee retention and attraction tool because visiting a vet for a broken bone, sickness, or the indigestion of a small object often costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars)

AAFD members can access onsite enrollment specialists to handle applications, collect information, provide advice, and determine product suitability from the Dafanie Financial Group, LLC, as part of the AAFD Health Benefits 2.0 suite of essential programs to protect the health of our members and their employees and dependents. . . and now including your four-legged dependents! AAFD Health Benefits 2.0 is a cornerstone of our commitment to our members, and we’re thrilled to extend these savings to you.

We invite you to explore the benefits plans in detail. Dafanie Financial Group’s experienced staff will help you analyze your unique needs and create a customized plan that best meets your requirements. Reach them today.

Please visit the following website to view details on the voluntary benefits plans, and to request a conference call:

By Published On: October 4th, 2023Categories: Suppliers Corner