The AAFD is pleased to announce our newest supporting Member: Sprockets – Hiring Solutions for AAFD Members

Sprockets is built for franchisees and automatically sources and identifies which applicants are the best match for specific roles and locations, empowering users to build a strong, cohesive staff that will stay long-term. In real-time, both hiring managers and applicants are notified when a “match” occurs, enabling both parties to take next steps. Hiring managers never have to look at applications or conduct interviews ever again. On average, our customers see a 43% Improvement in 90-Day retention, 21% reduction in Sourcing Costs, and spend 37% less time on the hiring process.

Cut sourcing bills, reduce employee turnover, and automate your hiring process with features such as Applicant Matching, sourcing via Sprockets Pools and free job posts, instant notifications for hiring managers, WOTC, 50% off background checks, and more!

Our process is simple:

  • Pricing is per location per month.
    • No onboarding fees.
    • No training fees.
    • No integration fees.
    • No cancellation fees.
    • Add-on features include WOTC tax screenings, background checks, and sponsored job postings that are not included in the Supporting-Member Price.

“Bringing on quality employees is a challenge for any company.” says Rich Stroiney Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the AAFD, “which can be a greater challenge for franchisees, who may have added employment requirements through their franchise system. Sprockets is a great resource for the AAFD members to find a higher caliber employee that better fits the role and responsibilities – a win for the franchisee and future employees.”

Visit Sprockets dedicated AAFD Member offer page to lock in your exclusive discount of 20% and start hiring with confidence.

Contact Info
Griffin Shay
(443) 253-4040