We welcome Sunbelt Franchise Re-Sales, a premier business brokerage in North America

Helping franchisee owners buy and sell existing businesses

The AAFD is pleased to announce our newest Supporting Member, Sunbelt Franchise Re-Sales.

From educating owners on the selling process to providing business valuations, consulting, and other traditional business brokerage services, Sunbelt Franchise Re-Sales is uniquely equipped to provide unmatched value in an area that is often overlooked by franchisees—succession planning as well as resales.

For most business owners, selling a business will be the single largest transactional event that you’ll experience. When it comes time to move away from something that has consumed your everyday life for 5, 10, 15, 20+ years, there’s an emotional attachment that can be extremely difficult to set aside. Business is incredibly personal when it involves YOUR business and when you factor in the unpredictable nature of the selling process, it can make the idea of selling your business appear daunting.

Selling your business with Sunbelt Franchise Re-Sales (SFR) and Sunbelt Business Brokers removes much of the uncertainty and stress that are associated with the selling process. Working with Sunbelt affords you the opportunity to do what you do best…running your business, while Sunbelt handles all the details of what they do best…selling a business. Sunbelt’s goal is to help you maximize the value of your business when you are ready to exit, and they are they transact more re-sales of franchise businesses than any other broker in the U.S.

AAFD Executive Director, Richard Stroiney, expressed his excitement in welcoming Sunbelt as an AAFD Supporting Member. “As a long time business coach, and a franchisee who has gone through the emotional process of selling my business, I find Sunbelt’s approach to engaging the process of succession planning years before a resale is initiated to be smart as well as innovative. We welcome Sunbelt Franchise Re-Sales to the AAFD growing array of valuable support services and member benefits.

Sunbelt Franchise Re-Sales is offering a complimentary Value Range Analysis, to give you an idea of what your business is worth in the open market with no obligation and no commitment. We encourage any member that is thinking about selling their business to take advantage of this offer.

For more information about Sunbelt Franchise Re-Sales and their business services, please contact Terry Kelm via email or phone 651-209-8553.

Learn more about Sunbelt Franchise Re-Sales by visiting A direct listing and member offer is available under our Supplier Network pages on our website.

By Published On: January 18th, 2023Categories: Suppliers Corner