Empowering business owners to protect, grow and eventually exit the business.

The AAFD is pleased to introduce our latest Supplier, Michael Ringel with Wealth Design Group. Through their personalized coaching and investment expertise, they are here to support AAFD members in achieving financial success and accessing personalized financial planning services.

Since 2004, Michael Ringel, CPA, RICP, CDFA, CExP has been working with business owners, single women, and families with children with special needs to build confidence around their money. Michael’s philosophy is to guide each family to discover for themselves what is important to their family, both personally and financially. Then, Michael shares with each family a variety of financial strategies that are prudent for them.

Wealth Design Group offers a diverse array of solutions and services that includes:

  • Exit planning
  • Business and personal financial planning
  • Retirement income planning
  • Tax planning (cash balance plans)

AAFD Members can contact Michael Ringel directly at mringel@wealthdesigngroup.net or (917) 734-4748 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how Wealth Design Group can help you achieve your financial goals as a business owner.

Watch this video and learn the strategies that can help you grow your business, manage your liabilities and cash flow while protecting against life and business uncertainty.

AAFD Member Offer:


We use the free ExitMap® Assessment© to examine your company’s current exit preparedness in four key categories: Operations, Planning, Finance and Revenue/Profit. If you would like more details, please watch the quick (00:01:38) video introduction at https://myexitmap.com/exitmap-introduction/

The Assessment consists of 22 multiple choice questions, a questionnaire which will take you takes only 15 minutes to complete and requires no confidential information. A full color 12-page summary report will be emailed to you upon completion.

Please click this link to complete the questionnaire:
to begin your ExitMap Assessment.

Once you receive the Assessment report, we can set up arrange a time to go over review the results together. Even a few years of planning can make a dramatic difference in retirement.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to secure your business’s future and ensure financial stability for you and your family.