Helping business owners recover sanity, command wealth, and live in gratitude.™ 

We are excited to announce that April Porter with Ask April Porter, a valued colleague, and longtime fair franchising advocate, has joined the AAFD Supplier Network adding yet another benefit to your AAFD membership. 

April Porter is an award-winning, multi-unit franchisee, attorney, & creator of the Infinite Franchisee® mentorship program, which teaches franchisees the business intelligence, strategic thinking, leadership skills & entrepreneur mindset to apply to the franchise model in order to reach a life of SWAG™ – Sanity, Wealth, & Gratitude™. April hosts a Podcast – The Infinite Franchisee® Show & received the Chairman’s Award for Distinguished Service to the Franchising Industry from the AAFD. 

For decades, April has worked hard to bring solutions to franchisees that empower them to reach the level of success they envisioned when making their investment into their brand through business education. Because of her personal experience, she understands the difficulties that franchisees face through unfair practices which makes it difficult to achieve the profitability and quality of life they expect. 

April Porter’s approach and how she can help your Franchise Business: 

  • Franchisee Mentorship: Tap into April’s treasure trove of wisdom, honed through years of tangible results and successes. 
  • Strategic Business Growth: Adopt strategic tactics specifically designed to flourish within the franchise model, including customer avatar development, lead nurturing, and much more. 
  • Leadership and Intelligence: Uplift your business acumen with specialized programs that hone indispensable leadership skills and business intelligence. 
  • SWAG™ Framework: April’s SWAG™ – Sanity, Wealth, & Gratitude™ – is not just a philosophy; it’s a lifestyle that’s now within reach. 

You can find April Porter’s information on the AAFD Supplier Services page or through her website, social media channels or by attending one of her live events here: 


 Meet with Ask April Porter for a free business growth assessment. Learn where you should pivot in your business and where your opportunities for growth lie. 

“Everyday Wealth-Building Workshop”
February 16th – 12PM EST 

Please join Ask April Porter for a workshop on February 16th, where she shares the time-bending tactics that allow you to focus your efforts on wealth building activities every day. 

Any AAFD chapter member who purchases a ticket to the event, Ask April Porter will donate back 10% to your respective chapter. 




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