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Great Harvest Bread Company

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AAFD Seal Recipient

Great Harvest Bread Company began in 1976 with our first bread store in Great Falls, Montana, where everything was made from scratch and bread was sold hot out of the oven each day. Today, Great Harvest has over 200 locations in 39 states and we still make everything from scratch in each store.

We use all natural ingredients, and mill daily our own hand-selected wheat into fresh whole wheat flour, hand knead our loaves and serve the most phenomenal bread, scones, cinnamon rolls and muffins, hot out of the oven every day. Our “out-of-the-box” approach to franchising, with the freedom we give our franchises, the family type relationship that we build, the learning community that we have created to facilitate the sharing of ideas, the generosity that we seek, not only in our franchisees but in ourselves, and our mutually negotiated franchise agreement, has resulted in a 99% approval rating by our franchisees.

We are honored and privileged to have our franchisees award us this Seal of Approval, through the AAFD.

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