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Protecting your business starts by protecting your own health. Shop for health insurance plans for you, your family, and employees through our Health Insurance Marketplace. You’ll find competitive plans that offer a range of options for every budget.

AAFD Health Saving Accounts
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The AAFD HSA allows individuals to contribute and save $3450 and familys to contribute and save $6900 in 2018. Any unused funds can roll over and accumulate year over year. You can also invest any amount over $2000 tax free. These funds can be used for office visits, prescriptions, x-rays and much more, please follow this link to see a full list of eligiblie expenses:

AAFD Member WellCards

The AAFD WellCard is a free benefit available to all AAFD Members. It functions as a health discount card, offering all AAFD members and their family members savings of up to 65% on drug prices and 30% on medical visits. The card links AAFD members to a national network of over 59,000 pharmacies and 350,000 physicians. WellCard Health empowers members with access to reduce the cost of health care each use of pharmacies, vision care providers, hearing specialists, prepaid lab tests, prepaid imaging tests, patient advocacy services, and more.
Pivot Health offers temporary and supplemental insurance plans that help fill gaps in a customer’s health coverage. The company was founded by experienced leaders in the insurance industry and is focused on adapting quickly to the health care needs of today’s small business owners and franchisees.
HealthEquity provides a solution to an issue of growing importance to American families: affording lifelong health care. More than two million members are paying less for health insurance, taking control of medical bills and building health savings for life with HealthEquity health savings accounts (HSAs). Our expert advisors, who are available every hour of every day, offer helpful insight to maximize savings.
eHealth makes it easier for everyone to find affordable, quality health insurance, every day. eHealth delivers the best ecommerce experience for consumers to compare, buy, and use the health insurance products, tools, and information that protect their well-being for life.
WellCard Health empowers members with access to reduce the cost of health care each use of pharmacies, vision care providers, hearing specialists, prepaid lab tests, prepaid imaging tests, patient advocacy services, and more.

Access and Shop for AAFD Health Benefit Plans

You must be a member of the AAFD to access and shop for AAFD Health Benefit Plans. If you are currently a Member of the AAFD you can login at any time.

Not a Member? Join Today

If you are NOT a member of the AAFD yet, and would like to take advantage of the AAFD Health Benefit Plans, you can start with an AAFD Associate Membership -- just $79 to get access to many resources including, the AAFD Road Map to Selecting a Franchise, the AAFD Franchise Self Evaluation Tool, a FREE legal consultations, our new AAFD Health Benefit Plans and much more. Join today!

Membership Financial Benefits

  • FREE  Subscription to the Franchisee Voice.
  • AAFD’s Franchisee LegaLine℠ – Provides members with legal referrals and Free legal consultations.
  • AAFD’s exclusive Franchise Evaluation Tool
  • AAFD WellCard – Discounts to thousands of medical, dental, vision, pharmacy professionals and providers.
  • AAFD Health Benefits Plan – Health Insurance Marketplace, Limited and Short Term Medical Plans and Health Savings Accounts.
  • The Office Depot Members Only Discount Card – Receive savings of up to 80% on office and school supplies from Office Depot.
  • Business Grade VoIP telecommunications from VoxOx – Special AAFD Member pricing on a wide variety of advanced voice and data services.
  • Credit & Debit Card processing rates – AAFD Members discounts on your payment processing costs.
  • Unlimited FREE conference calling through AAFD Meeting Call – Unlimited free teleconference bridge service.
  • The AAFD Marketplace – Buy or Sell a Franchise and special AAFD Member discounts from
  • AAFD FinanciaLine Network – Accounting and other financial services through our FinanciaLine Network services.
  • Additional benefits added regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

1How Do I Sign Up?
The AAFD’s various health care plan options aren’t available in every state (though more states are being added all the time). Click on the plan you are interested in and follow the instructions on the page. You can apply for either short term or limited term coverage online. You’ll be asked to fill out a short application and then will know if you’ve qualified for your plan immediately after submitting the questionnaire.
2Where do I get the AAFD Well Card?
If you are a member of the AAFD, you can request an AAFD WellCard through the membership portal. Click HERE to log in. If you don’t know your member username and password, please request it by contacting us HERE.
3How do I join the AAFD?
To access any of our health care benefits, you must be a member of the AAFD. We offer a variety of different membership options at different price points, including our Associate Membership for individual franchise owners, and our Franchise Chapter Membership for those who are already part of a franchise association or are interesting in creating one. See all of our membership options and joint the AAFD by clicking HERE.
4Am I eligible to open HSA account?
To be eligible to contribute to a health savings account (HSA), you must meet 4 criteria: 1. You must be covered by a qualified high deductible health plan (HDHP). 2. You can’t be covered by other health coverage, including Medicare, TRICARE or VA benefits in the past three months. 3. You can’t be claimed as a dependent on another individual’s tax return. 4. You or your spouse can’t be participating in a full purpose flexible spending account. For additional detail regarding HSA eligibility requirements, see the following: CLICK HERE.
HSA Member Login