Supplier Services

Discover the power of your AAFD membership with our exceptional Branded Programs and Suppliers Services. We are committed to tirelessly negotiating top-notch quality programs and exclusive discounts, ensuring that your membership holds unmatched value. Find out more below.

AAFD Branded Program
AAFD Health Benefit Suites

The most comprehensive Suite of Health Care Benefits available, from any business trade association.


AAFD Branded Program
AAFD PEP Retirement Plans

Best-in-class PEP Retirement Plan. Finally, small business owners, enjoy large employer benefits!


AAFD Branded Program
RingCentral for AAFD Members

Cloud phone system inside a single app. Empower your business by uniting all your conversations on one simple platform.


Gold Level Suppliers

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Please contact us for more information about becoming a Gold Level Supplier of the AAFD.

Silver Level Suppliers

We help business owners recover sanity, command wealth, and live in gratitude™

Financial Guidance for every Stage of Life

Business Process Automation

One Partner. One Process. Your Journey To Net-Zero

Franchise Re-sales Services

Text Messages Solutions

Bronze Level Suppliers

Thousands of benefits, perks and discounts

Telehealth, Urgent Care and Prescription Membership Plans

Voluntary & Supplemental Benefits

Grow Your Brand

Making Advanced Healthcare Accessible™

Clone Your Best Employees

Financing Experts for your Capital Needs

We empower business owners to protect, grow and eventually exit the business