Supporting Membership

Join the AAFD as a Supporting Member and gain access to hundreds of independent franchisee associations, plus thousands of AAFD subscribers. Our supporting membership is designed for anyone who markets goods and services to franchisees – suppliers, lawyers, consultants and experts, including franchisors.

Only Supporting members are permitted to participate in AAFD Professional Services Panels, advertise in AAFD publications, and exhibit at the AAFD’s MarketPower Trade Show. Supporting members may be voting or non-voting.

A major focus of the AAFD is helping franchisee associations develop greater market power, especially negotiating leverage, so that they can provide unbeatable value to their membership. AAFD supporting memberships  can help you gain access to hundreds of independent franchisee associations that may be otherwise difficult to locate, as well as thousands of AAFD members and prospective members–A great opportunity to get in front of new potential customers with significant buying power.

When you become a supporting member of the AAFD, you’ll get the chance to present your products and services to thousands of franchisees in a variety of ways:

The AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit and Annual Meeting

Our Franchisee Leadership Summit brings together some of the biggest names in the franchising industry as well as many association leaders every year. Depending on your sponsor level, your membership may include:

» Excellent networking opportunities throughout our conference

» The opportunity to exhibit at the AAFD’s Market Power trade show

» Conference sponsorship opportunities for maximum access

» Speaker preference to AAFD Gold Circle sponsors

Welcome Announcement

As a supporting member, our supplier coordinator will work with you to create a personalized welcome announcement that will post to our Franchisee Voice Blog and distributed to our membership email list.


Gold Circle Counsel Memberships receive valuable advertising placement in our email communications and on our AAFD website, which receives over 5,000 monthly page views. Advertising opportunities are available to Silver and Bronze Sponsor Members for an additional cost.

Guest Blog Opportunities

You can speak directly to our membership and provide valuable insight and information about your industry by writing a guest post for our Franchisee Voice blog.

AAFD Supporting Member Recognition

AAFD supporting members all receive a robust directory listing or listings, in the marketing panels you join, and all supporting members have the right to use AAFD supplier logos in your marketing materials. AAFD endorsement of your products and services is available to supporting members that offer member discounts, some form of member rebate (or benefit), and are approved by the AAFD’s purchasing committee!

Full AAFD Membership Benefits

AAFD supporting members are full non-voting members of the AAFD and are eligible to receive most AAFD member benefits, including our subscription to the Franchisee Voice Blog, and access to all the offers of your fellow supplier members!


The AAFD is a national nonprofit trade association representing the rights and interests of franchisees and independent dealers throughout the United States.

The AAFD is dedicated to achieving its mission to define and promote collaborative franchise cultures that the AAFD describes as Total Quality Franchising.