AAFD Fairness Initiatives

Your Center for Total Quality Franchising®!

The AAFD is organized by the formation of exclusive Trademark Chapters representing all of the franchised systems for which we have a significant number of members. The Association’s Trademark Chapters provide a crucial service of helping franchise systems throughout the United States develop consensus decisions within their franchise systems and to promote more equitable franchise relationships which exhibit the AAFD’s goal of Total Quality Franchising®! The AAFD has formed our exclusive trademark chapters for more than 60 franchise systems, with the goal of having an affiliated chapter for every franchise system in the U.S.

Active Chapters are those groups of franchisees within a trademark specific system who have at least 50 members or 50% of the franchisees within the system. Affiliated independent franchisee associations are also granted chapter status in the AAFD. The presidents of active AAFD Trademark Chapters make up our Franchisee Leadership Council, the equivalent of the Association’s legislative body.

Why should your independent franchisee association support the AAFD?

  • To change the climate of franchising to be fairer and more profitable to franchise owners.
  • To promote the AAFD Fair Franchising Standards to provide direction to investors.
  • To identify best practices in franchising and to drive the franchising market to exemplary franchisors.
  • To develop negotiating leverage by building strong independent franchisee associations.
  • To address abuses in the courts and legislatures that cannot be handled through win-win negotiation.
  • To build your buying power through group purchasing.
  • To bring value to your members through group purchasing and the AAFD’s body of knowledge.

AAFD can help build a chapter for your franchise system and can provide management and support services for internal chapters, as well as Independent Franchisee Associations. For information about forming an AAFD Trademark Chapter for your franchise system, or of joining an existing Chapter, contact AAFD Chapter Development at 888-490-8420.