Franchisee LegaLine℠ Attorneys

The AAFD’s Franchisee LegaLine℠ is an exclusive network of experienced franchisee counsel, franchise law, franchise lawyers, and franchise legal help throughout the United States to represent the interests of franchisees and prospective franchisees offering FREE initial consultations to AAFD members and valuable special member programs including initial franchise opportunity reviews, initial franchise dispute reviews and special member pricing.

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Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A.
Robert Zarco
Miami, Florida
Dady & Gardner, P.A.
J. Michael Dady
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Eckberg Lammers, P.C.
Keith Marnholtz
Einbinder & Dunn, LLP
Michael Einbinder
New York, New York
Garner & Ginsburg, P.A.
W. Michael Garner
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hirzel & Dreyfuss P.A
Leon F. Hirzel Esq.
Miami, FL
Johnston Clem Gifford PLLC
Robert W. Gifford
Dallas, Texas
Law Offices of Mario Herman
Mario L. Herman Esq.
Rosen Karol Salis PLLC
Richard Rosen
Lagarias, Napell & Dillon, LLP
Bryan W. Dillon
San Rafael, California
Marks & Klein
Justin M. Klein
Chicago, Illinois