Franchisee Leadership Council

Looking for a unique way to build your network and grow your leadership skills? Want to help shape the future for Fair Franchising? Consider becoming an AAFD Member Delegate.

The AAFD’s House of Delegates is the AAFD’s legislative body charged with setting the action agenda of the Association.

It is the purpose during the AAFD’s Annual Summit to hear from chapter delegates and other attendees to discuss take-aways from the conference, as well as plan on how we will continue working together, adding substantive value to our members, as we continue moving towards our common interest of Total Quality Franchising.

As an AAFD Member Delegate, you are the liaison for your Chapter, and you’ll play several important roles:

  • For your Chapter and peers, you are the member(s) who have been elected by your chapter to represent your chapter in the AAFD’s legislative body and to participate at the Annual Franchisee Leadership Summit.  You will have the opportunity to participate in quarterly webinar sessions with the other chapter delegates and participate in several Task Force groups that are designed to advance the AAFDs TQF agenda.
  • For your fellow AAFD members, you’ll be a trusted colleague when they need help thinking through solutions to common challenges, or they want to connect with someone one-on-one to ask questions or gain insights. And for the larger AFFD community, you’ll be a voice to help ensure the organization is continuously evolving to best meet the needs of our members and supplier companies.
  • For yourself, you’ll have unique opportunities to build deeper relationships with other franchisees and hone your leadership skills. You’ll be invited to special small group learning sessions with our CEO and other industry leaders, and have early access to register for webcasts, events and Best Practices webinars.  You’ll also be invited to participate in FLC committees and other unique feedback sessions that will help shape AFFD’s programs and services.

 Anticipated Time Commitment

We know your time is valuable, and we’ll always be thoughtful in how we ask for your involvement. You can expect the time commitment to be 1-2 hours per month.

Please note: Chapters are not limited in the number of members they can have participate in the Annual conference or quarterly meetings, but they will still be limited to number of delegates votes they receive.  Each Chapter is entitled to (2) two voting delegates for every one hundred plus (100+) Chapter members as reported to the AAFD. For example, if a Chapter has 101 members, it is entitled to 4 voting delegates.