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Resources for Franchise Buyers


Buying a Franchise requires a lot of research, complicated decisions and more than a little soul searching. Most people feel a little overwhelmed when they get started down the road to franchise ownership. Take your time. Educate yourself and make sure that buying a franchise is really the best decision for your unique circumstances. The AAFD is here to help. Our mission is to support franchise owners, independent dealers, and those considering buying a franchise.

Start with AAFD Associate Membership — just $79 with access to many of the resources for Franchise Buyers you will find on this page. Associate memberships now includes, the AAFD Road Map to Selecting a Franchise, the AAFD Franchise Self Evaluation Tool and FREE legal consultations. Join today!

Below is a treasure trove of information from the AAFD to guide your search and help answer your franchising questions. Our franchise resources include a concise AAFD Road Map to Selecting a Franchise, a list of AAFD Accredited Franchisors, educational articles on different aspects of owning a franchise, information on your rights as a franchisee, referrals to the very best franchise attorneys and more.

Enjoy these great Franchise Resources for Franchise Buyers

  1. The AAFD Info-Pak℠ for Prospective Franchisees
  2. The AAFD Road Map to Selecting a Franchise
  3. The AAFD Franchise Evaluation Tool. This valuable resource enables investors to easily grade a specific franchise opportunity against the AAFD's Eight Criteria for Buying a Franchise, the Franchisee Bill of Rights, and to enable a side-by-side comparison of various opportunities you are considering. This new tool is included in AAFD Associate Membership and the AAFD Franchisee Info-Pak.
  4. NEW! Franchise Business for Sales
  5. The AAFD Bookstore  - Recommended books and software available from
  6. The AAFD Useful Links  - Franchise useful Links and Info on the Web
  7. The AAFD's Fair Franchising Standards - The definitive guide to fair franchising practices.
  8. Franchisee LegaLine - The AAFD's exclusive network of franchise counsel focused on franchisee representation.
  9. AAFD Accredited Franchisors - Fair Franchising Seal Recipients and AAFD Accredited Contracts support Total Quality Franchising!
  10. AAFD Fair Franchising Seal Recipients - A listing of franchising companies that have been accredited by the AAFD as having fair franchise agreements and excellent relations with their franchise owners.
  12. The Franchisee Bill of Rights
  13. The Eight Things to Look For in a Franchise Opportunity
  14. AAFD Membership!