APRIL 7 / 9am PST  – 12pm EST

Virtual Town Hall on Ring Central

Rethinking Retirement – How New Legislation Could Make Offering a 401(k) More Valuable (and Essential) Than Ever

The recently enacted retirement planning opportunities provided by the Federal SECURE Act, as well as a growing number of states moving to mandate retirement savings programs, makes understanding your options and obligations more important than ever. At the same time, a lack of knowledge and careful planning can lead to headaches and hefty fines for franchised small businesses.

In partnership with Access Retirement Solutions (ARS), the AAFD is proud to be the first national trade association to sponsor newly authorized Pool Employer Retirement Plans as an valuable tool for affordably offering retirement benefits AND complying with applicable laws. PEP’s make providing a retirement benefit to your employees more affordable and essential than ever. DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN HOW AAFD MEMBERS CAN COMPLY WITH APPLICABLE LAWS AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NEW LAWS AND OPPORTUNITIES!

We’ll discuss:  

  1. The impact of the growing number of state mandated IRA programs 
  1. Which businesses can benefit from the new pooled employer plans 
  1. How PEPs are making it easy and affordable to offer a 401(k) 
  1. Boosting hiring and retention by offering a retirement benefit 
  1. Available tax credits to offset, or even eliminate, startup costs 


Heath Miller
Heath Miller Co-Founder of Access Retirement Solutions
Co-Founder of Access Retirement Solutions, the AAFD’s Branded Partner offering AAFD Pooled Employer Retirement Plans, making offering a retirement benefit simpler and more affordable than ever. Mr. Miller has more than 24 years of experience in tax and employee benefits law, having received his LLM in taxation from Georgetown University Law Center.