“Empowering Franchisee Associations”


June 23 – 26 2021 | Virtual Attendance

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2021 Franchisee Leadership Summit June 23-26 – Virtual Attendance

Although we hopefully and optimistically expect our members to be ‘back in business’ this October, it was clear that trying to schedule an expensive conference would pose a significant financial hardship on our members. We greatly appreciate the Sheraton Mesa allowing us to delay the Franchisee Leadership Summit, as this will insure we can have great participation from the AAFD’s chapters and delegates. Our conference theme remains “Empowering Franchisee Associations” and our AAFD Action Task Force groups are still engaged in planning a powerful program that will benefit every franchise owner.

The AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit is a critical and essential opportunity to build our common voice, to share best practices and leadership innovation, and to set and advance the AAFD mission. At the same time, the health and safety of our members and the AAFD team is of equal concern. Finding a balance between our economic, health and safety needs is at the forefront of our planning, and we look forward to a safe and productive gathering in celebration of the AAFD’s 29th anniversary next May.

Here’s what you can expect at AAFD’s Franchisee Leadership Summit 2021

We are working at finalizing our Virtual Conference. The events listed below, will be adapted and formatted for to fit our online virtual conference.