Featuring a ‘can’t miss’, powerful keynote panel session featuring Government and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau representatives    — all of whom are on a mission to help protect and improve the interests of franchised small businesses. 

This has been an unprecedented year for the AAFD, and we are seeing some exciting progress in furthering Fair Franchising initiatives, however, we need to keep the momentum going! Planning to be back ‘in person’ in 2022, we have a great program lined up to include speakers from the U.S. Senate, highest levels of the Federal Trade Commission, top franchisee attorneys, in addition to many other special and exciting events (It is our 30th birthday after all!).

Attending the AAFD Annual Conference provides attendees with critical updates on advocacy and legislative initiatives, best practices and educational sessions, as well as networking opportunities with the nation’s top franchisee attorneys, franchisees from many different franchise systems, supplier members, and AAFD staff.

Join our Mission and be a part of the change!

Let’s keep the momentum going. We need all AAFD chapters to send strong delegations to make our collective voices heard!



This past year has been a game changer for the AAFD, and we’re seeing some exciting progress in furtherance of Fair Franchising initiatives. But it’s only just begun! “It’s Our Time: Partner for Success!” is more than just our 2022 conference theme – it embodies everything that our organization strives to achieve as we fight tirelessly towards our mission Total Quality Franchising!