A Little Effort Can Make a Big Difference:
3 Immediate Actions Needed From Every AAFD Member

(Please Read This Important Communication)

Robert Purvin, Chairman

Keith Miller, Director of Public Affairs and Engagement
Amy Mancuso, Executive Director
Zoe Chapin, Chief Administrative Officer

The AAFD exists to protect and advocate for franchisee interests and rights. Our intent is to level the playing field in the franchising community by franchise owners joining together in common cause to have our voices heard. But we will only be heard if we each make a small effort to make our concerns known.

We are calling on all AAFD members to make a minimal effort so we can make a big difference to achieve immediate economic relief as well as long term elevation of franchisee concerns on a national stage. Please take a few minutes to take action for our mutual benefit as owners of franchised small businesses.

1. Support the Multi Trade Association Federal Economic Stimulus Appeal

Last week the AAFD joined a coalition of more than 100 national trade associations who are petitioning Congress to pass additional economic stimulus to save small businesses from being decimated by the Corona Virus pandemic. Click on this link to find your congressional representatives and make your voice heard in support of legislation that is currently advancing in Congress. Let Congress know that our needs are great and urgent, and we need our political leaders to move this important legislation forward.

Find your local representative

2. Submit a Comment for Federal Trade Commission Reform. Important Franchisee Action Required.

The Federal Trade Commission is currently reviewing its Franchise Rule, which requires presale disclosure of material information regarding the offering to prospective franchisees in the form of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). A public workshop was held on November 10, 2020 and can be seen by clicking here. Written comments related to the issues discussed at the workshop must be received by December 17, 2020. Think back to your own experiences with your FDD. It is critically important for franchisees to submit comments related to their specific experiences on how the FDD may have mislead and failed to protect them. Don’t let the franchisors control the process, make your voices heard. The goal is to have 1000 total franchisee comments submitted, so act today.

CLICK HERE for more information and guidance on how to submit comments.

3. Respond to the AAFD Supplier Rights/Member Benefits Survey

Franchisor abusive use of authority with respect to supplier mandates are consistently listed as the biggest issue for franchisees. The AAFD has formed its Group Purchasing Task Force to address franchisee rights and interests with respect to delivering the promised benefits of group purchasing to the nation’s franchise owners and shining a bright light on franchisor abusive conduct that turns the promise of better pricing into a purgatory of supplier mandates with inferior suppliers and higher prices but enrich franchisors with supplier rebates that are not shared with the franchisees that generate them.

Our Group Purchasing Task Force is conducting our Supplier Rights/Member Benefits Survey to identify generic products and services utilized by most franchise owners that are not generally brand specific but are nevertheless abused by franchise systems. Only a few of our members have taken the survey, and we implore our members and friends to take the survey today so we can make this issue public, and the AAFD can source better pricing and quality to actually impact the purchasing capabilities of our members.

It’s Time to Be Heard – Please act today!!!

We appreciate your membership, and the dues our members pay to advance the interests of franchise owners nationwide, but we also need your voices to be heard. We are disappointed that only 20% of our members read our Alerts, and fewer seem to take action. Joining together we can be heard, and we can make a difference. As we said at the beginning of this Member Bulletin: A Little Effort Can Make a Big Difference.
Please make your voice heard and ACT Today!