Franchisee Chapter Membership

Start or Join a franchisee association for your franchise system by participating in an AAFD Trademark Chapter

If you are franchisee who is looking for a solution to gain a more fair and equitable relationship with your franchisor, look no further! The AAFD is the preeminent resource for the formation and management of franchisee associations.

The AAFD is organized by the formation of exclusive Trademark Chapters representing all of the franchised systems for which we have a significant number of members. The Association’s Trademark Chapters provide a crucial service of helping franchise systems throughout the United States develop consensus decisions within their franchise systems and to promote more equitable franchise relationships which exhibit the AAFD’s goal of Total Quality Franchising!

Inquire today about forming a Chapter for your Franchise System

If you have at least five (5) franchisees who are serious about making change, the AAFD can help build an Independent chapter for your franchise system and provide management and support services in a simplified, cost-effective way. Your Association will be officially formed, and you will be on your way to achieving a more fair and equitable relationship with your franchisor.