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Member Login and AAFD Announce AAFD Franchise Business Sales Program for AAFD Members

Posted on Date: Jul 11, 2013


The AAFD and BizBuySell are pleased to announce a special discount program for AAFD members looking to sell (and buy) franchised businesses.  Through the new program, branded as AAFD Franchise Business Sales, BizBuySell will provide a range of business sale services to AAFD members at a discounted price.

“BizBuySell is the premier resource for selling and buying businesses, including franchised businesses, in the United States today,” said Ross Almo, the AAFD’s newly appointed Executive Director.  “We are thrilled to partner with BizBuySell and to offer significant savings to AAFD members who are looking to sell their franchised businesses.”

“BizBuySell is pleased to be working with the American Association of Franchisees & Dealers and their members who might be looking to buy or sell a business” said BizBuySell General Manager Bob House. “Not only do business buyers benefit from gaining access to listings they otherwise might never have seen, but any member who is thinking of selling a business can now access BizBuySell’s resources to help them sell faster and smarter.”

BizBuySell is the largest online marketplace for business and franchise sales. According to a company representative, they currently have over 40,000 business sale listings and receive over one million website visitors a month. Their business listings are also featured on more than 150 partner websites, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, and many more.

Through this partnership, BizBuySell will provide AAFD members with a special discount on all BizBuySell ad packages, as well as other free and discounted products.  Members who are interested in selling their businesses will receive significant savings when listing the sale through the AAFD/BizBuySell co-branded program, which will be seen by hundreds of thousands of prospects.

BizBuySell offers three different advertising packages, starting as low as $59.95 per month for their three-month standard package (before the AAFD member discount). The BizBuySell website also offers additional resources for those looking to sell their franchise, including information on how to sell a business, a business news section and a community forum.

Visitors to the AAFD website will soon be able to access the AAFD Franchise Business Sales Program through the AAFD Marketplace, slated to launch in the near future.  AAFD members are able to take advantage of the member discounts today by logging into their AAFD member account and clicking on the BizBuySell discount code in their account.

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