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California Governor Vetoes Fair Franchising Legislation SB610

Posted on Date: Sep 30, 2014


It is with disappointment and frustration that I report that California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, has vetoed legislation that would have protected franchisee equity and guaranteed the right of franchise owners to be treated with good faith by their franchisors.

Governor Brown disappointed and turned his back on thousands of franchised businesses with his veto of fair franchising legislation. But in the process an impressive coalition of franchisee associations was awakened and mobilized to pass four legislative committees, the state Assembly and the California Senate (twice). The pursuit to protect franchisee rights and business equity ownership has now gained a voice and we will be back.

The AAFD has been proud to sponsor SB610, and we extend our deep appreciation to California Senator Hannah Beth Jackson for authorizing this legislation and championing franchisee rights.

Many great causes start with a small, but growing voice. And the voice of franchisees is growing. We thank all of our members for their support, and your continued support.

Our cause is just – fairness in franchising is our goal. If you haven’t read the AAFD Franchisee Bill of Rights recently, click this link and review them now. If you support the Franchisee Bill of Rights use the form linked from the Bill of Rights page to the let us hear from you.

Robert L. Purvin, Jr.
Chairman, Board of Trustees
American Association of Franchisees & Dealers

To view Governor Brown’s Veto message to the California Senate, click here.

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